Collagen Lift | Review

Hey Beauties, Collagen Lift sent over some of their goodies for me to try out and now that I have I am here to give you a full review on this product.

Collagen lift is a liquid product in ampoules that is designed to decrease wrinkles,increase skin elasticity and improve skin tone. The box is packaged with 28 ,10ml ampoules which is supposed to be used over 28 consecutive days as a daily supplement.

I used a two month supply of the supplement, Above is my before and after pics.

There seems to be no difference by just looking at the pictures but on my forehead I had a deep wrinkle which has slightly lifted and is no longer as deep as what it used to be, My under eyes are not as puffy as seen in the before picture.

Overall my skin tone remained as is

To see drastic results I would suggest using the product for longer than a 2 month period

How to use the product

Before opening shake the ampoule well

Using the Black opener (supplied with the product) place it over the tip and bend it down to break the seal

The ampoule is to be diluted in water or fruit juice on an empty stomach before breakfast

Stir well before consuming it

There is no taste to the mixture so it makes drinking it easier

not recommended for children /pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Price – R740 1 month supply

Available here



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