GlamGlow | Luxury Skin Masks

GlamGlow – The luxury skin care brand that promises sexy skin has taken the South African beauty market by storm.

Starting out with the infamous GravityMud treatment that had everyone on Instagram posing in their space mask but was it all just a hype for a good picture? Well I have to agree with everyone that more than just taking a good picture this mask does work wonders.

I have used it a couple of times and after the first time I have noticed that my skin does feel firmer and brighter.

GravityMud Firming Treatment : Benefits

  • Firms
  • Lifts
  • Tightens
  • Tones

How to Use :

  • Apply a generous, eve layer to clean skin with a brush, avoid your eyebrows and hairline
  • Leave on for 20 – 30 Minutes
  • Once dry, gently peel off edges
  • Rinse off excess with warm water
  • Use twice a week, rinse brush off with soap and water
  • Do not wash your face with any soap after treatment, allow for targeted ingredients to work on skin


PoutMud Wet Lip Balm Treatment

I use this Day and Night as apart of my skincare routine, My lips are substantially softer and smoother. Apart from working its magic this product smells minty fresh and leaves your lips thoroughly hydrated.

Alternatively this product can be used as an exfoliator by applying water onto it when on your lips and gently massaging it for a few seconds and rinsing with warm water. I use a towel to wipe away any dry skin left behind.

As seen in the above picture my lips look hydrated, smooth and plump

SuperMud Clearing Treatment

This is my go to mask for spot treating break outs when they rear their ugly heads. This mask is perfect for people with skin like mine that experience the occasional breakout, oiliness and general skin imperfections.

I have found that a little goes along way with the product and it spreads easily when applying it to your face, Once it dries you can visibly see where it is extracting oil from your pores as the below picture.

SuperMud Clearing Treatment : Benefits

  • Mattifying
  • Clarifying
  • Pore Refining
  • Skin Imperfections

How to Apply

  • Apply an even layer to clean dry skin
  • Leave on for 5 – 20 minutes and remove with warm water
  • Use as often as needed

Apart from these products Glam Glow has a variety of masks in their launch as well as moisturizers and makeup setting spray.

I love the brand and excited to see what other products they have in store for us in future

Price Tag

GravityMud Firming Treatment – R850.00

SuperMud Clearing Treatment – R850.00

PoutMud Fizzy Wet Lip Treatment – R390.00

Available at selected Red Square , Foschini, Truworths, Woolworths stores and online

Click Here for a video tutorial

Instagram – @glamglowsa

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2 thoughts on “GlamGlow | Luxury Skin Masks

  1. Hey hun!
    I loved your post….
    The gravity mud mask was one of those “INSTAGRAM MADE ME BUY IT” mask…
    But I definitely don’t regret it!
    Not only is it super fun to snap pics looking like a tin man, it really does do wonders for my skin!



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