Palladio Crushed Metal Eyeshadows | Review












Hey Beauties, Today we are focussing on Palladio Crushed Metal eyeshadows and these shadows are so pigmented and will give your makeup look a pop.











I only have two colors, Stellar and Supernova, and both these shades are equally pigmented. Stellar is a great color to use as a highlight on light and dark skin tones as it has a slight gold undertone.

These eyeshadows have to be used with care as they break when you press to hard, however if it does break up you can press it back and reuse the product.











Often shimmer colors have different color pay offs when swatched with your finger or a damp brush, these as seen above do swatch the same, I will however suggest using the product with a damp brush or your finger to avoid fall out












I used these eyeshadows in the below makeup look and it created a beautiful  halo eye makeup effect

To watch this video tutorial click here




















Each eyeshadow goes for R99.00 and although it has a great color pay off I would say it is slightly over priced as the pot is small and it has to be worked with delicately to avoid waste of the product when it breaks

Available from Dischem here 

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