Urban Decay | All Nighter Foundation Shade 7.5 | Review

This is the most talked about foundation in recent months, but is it really worth all the hype and money?

Urban Decay All Nighter foundation is said to be the most long lasting and matte foundation there is out there, I gave it a try and I was pleasantly surprised at how matte it actually was.

I have very oily skin and at midday I look greasy and my face basically looks like it is ready to melt off!

The Urban Decay All nighter foundation is not for people with dry skin as it will completely mattify your skin and will cling to your dry areas (it may give you flaky skin too if you have very dry skin), Should you really wish to add this foundation to your makeup routine then I would say try it in the hot summer months when your skin is more hydrated.

This is typically a foundation to use in the summer time in hot and humid weather where you need a longer lasting foundation throughout the day, It will also keep your makeup in check when you are out at a festival to at a concert where it tends to go on for hours.


Oxidization : many people are concerned that this foundation oxidized after a while, Well  IT DOES oxidize! This can be annoying when you already struggle with your foundation matching.

It only goes a shade darker, As seen in the above picture it changes colour when it dries, if you are not sure about your exact shade try going to the store and getting your shade matched, DO NOT PURCHASE IMMEDIATELY, wear it out all day and ask for a sample to test out, If you can, ask for a sample in a shade lighter too and see which one suits you better once it dries.


The package has a pump top which I love because it is easy to get the product out of. The pump is also tiny so you can control the amount you pump out, A little goes a long way with this foundation and you only need about two or three pumps for a full coverage look.

Package : A silver /purple undertone metallic finish with geometric cut outs on the front gives for sleek, modern and lavish packaging. Apart from the actual product this packaging is one of the contributors to this purchase. I will be holding onto it even when the product runs out because it has an interesting finish to it. I love that the product shade is visible through the cut outs and that the UD logo in imprinted on it too.

Finding your shade : The shade will be found at the bottom of the package with a color swatch of the product, although the colour swatch is given it is not a true representation of the actual colour, always test out the product.


Your foundation should not be lighter or darker than your neck once it is applied and dry. Your foundation should blend seamlessly into your neck and match the color exactly.

The best place to match your foundation is on your chin closest to your neck or on your jawline closest to your neck, do not match it to your forehead as this area may be darker due to sun burn.

Does the product last long? above is a comparison of the product and how it lasted over a period of about 6 hours.

At 11:30am I had just finished appliyng my foundation and it was completely matte without any sign of oiliness, However at 5:45pm I had some oiliness around my nose as well as my chin. I am impressed with the foundation even though I had some oiliness, it was not nearly as oily as I get, so this would require some blotting paper instead of touching up with powder.

Yay or Nay? a definite yay, it is worth the hype!

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation – R490.00 Available Here

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