Ice Box Colors | Nail Polish review

Being a lover of nail polish I think it’s fair to put these babies to the test. I do not go a day without wearing nail polish, It is my preferred ‘nail styling’ as I have tried out gel in the past and it left my nails soft and brittle. Let’s get into the 4 Ice Box Colors

Mermaid Kisses

This is not typically the colour I reach for, but it is a fun colour for summer. I applied two coats of nail polish and it covered my nails pretty well, although I have to say it did have empty spaces here and there.

This is a shine finish and would be best worn with a white base coat to make the color pop and not seperate as seen on my ring finger

Vanilla Ice

A beautiful golden tone, I applied two coats however this did not cover my nails completely

This color would best be suited wearing it over any other color, as seen in below picture, I love the holographic shine it has to it when worn over another colour. Also not a color I would reach for on it’s own but it is a great colour for when you needing to be a little extra

Mermaids are real

I love this colour, it is a sea green/ turquoise with a sheen finish. this colour is also quick drying and I only needed two coats for it to cover my nails.


Saving the best for last! I am inlove with this colour, It is filled with glitter and has a light pink milky colour as the base. I needed two coats to apply this, It covered my nail completely and when I applied the second coat it added more glitter that fully covered my nails.

I love how it reminds my of edible glitter on top of a cupcake!

It has a rough finish so I would suggest a clear top coat to give it a smooth finish. This colour can be worn on its own or with any base colour 9only add one layer when applying a base colour)


Before applying nail polish ensure that your nails are free from any lotion or oil residue, Shake bottle before use

Available at Edgars – R119,95

@iceboxcolors on Instagram

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