Different Strokes | The 411 on Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes can often be overwhelming for a newbie into the makeup game. There are so many brushes to choose from. Shape, size, big, small, round and angled, The list goes on.

These are the basics for makeup brushes, some tips to keep your cool in the makeup brush aisle!

Big Face Brushes– These are powder brushes used for generally setting your foundation with powder.

These brushes are fluffy and full, There are much larger powder brushed which are used for body shimmer

Tip: when choosing a brush it shouldn’t be bigger than your cheek area

Blush brushes – Used to apply blush onto the apples of your cheeks and cheekbones.

These brushed are fluffy and angled allowing for you to sculpt your cheeks

Tip: When applying blush hold it with the longer side facing your ear

 Fan Brushes – Often used to fan away fall out, or as a contour brush to sculpt your cheeks and forehead

There are big and small fan brushes, the bigger ones used for contouring, the smaller ones used for fanning away fall out or highlighting the highest points of your face


Foundation Brushes – Used to apply foundation all over your face, these brushes are synthetic and flat

Used to pick up foundation from the back of your hand or directly from a pump foundation tube

Tip: Use a beauty blender after applying foundation as they cause foundation to look streaky

Small Powder Brushes – used for applying powder under your eyes to cover all the creases

The smaller version of the face powder brushes, these cover a small area and are dense and fluffy

Tip: When setting under eye use the brush in a patting motion to avoid product from moving

Contour brush – used to sculpt and contour cheeks. If the blush brush and small powder brush had babies they would give birth to this brush. Small, dense and angled this brush is perfect for sculpting your cheeks as the angles hug your cheekbones

Tip: When applying contour hold it with the longer side facing your ear

Pencil Brushes – Used to blend out eyeshadow on your lower lash line and apply eyeshadow into a small area of your crease

These are dense but are tapered off at the tip allowing for precise use in small areas, the density of the brush allows for easy blending


Flat Eyeshadow brushes – Used for applying shimmery shades and textured eyeshadows or pigments. They are flat and firm and not much movement happens on the hairs, The firmer the brush the less fall out you will have when applying shimmer shades.

Tip: Use to place eyeshadow before blending, firm brushes apply shadows on dark

Eyeliner brushes – Used for gel liners, these brushes are meant to give you precision when applying liner

Angled brush- the thiner the brush, the more precise your winged liner, use the tip of the angled to create a defined wing

Straight brush – applies liner to lash line but is not as firm as an angled brush

Blending Brushes – Blends eyeshadow

There are different sizes when it comes to blending brushes. The smaller the brush the smaller the area it covers and visa versa. These brushes are key in any makeup look

Tip: to avoid fall out use a smaller brush


Kabuki brush – Used to buff out foundation without absorbing too much product

These brushed are flat at the top and the hairs are firm and tightly put together. It allows to buff out foundation easily and does not need to be used in conjunction with a beauty blender


8 Piece Rose Gold Brushes – White Rabbit Republik

Blending Brushed – Swiitch beauty Blend 8

Best eyeliner brush – CALA

MAC – Pencil brush 

MAC – Contour brush

Kabuki Brush – White Rabbit republik

I hope that this post helps you in your makeup brush dilemma







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