Tresemme Botanique | Hair Products for natural hair | Review

Winter is on it’s way and this product is great for nourishing your hair, keeping it soft and moisturized during the colder months


I was so excited to try out this product, it is not often that there is a shampoo and conditioner for natural ladies.
I used this product on 4 day old hair and had a lot of product build up on my hair as I often use a combination of oils and setting products.

Good value for money, R79,99 is a reasonable price for a product with 750ml of content. it definitely is a good budget buy and will last you for a few washes before you need to replace it

This smells so divine, I only washed my hair once and all the old product washed well and my hair felt cleansed without feeling dry and tangled, Although this is not a sulphate free shampoo I am impressed that my hair was not knotted at all and super soft

This Shampoo is a great buy, Because it is not a sulphate free shampoo I would recommend not washing your hair everyday but instead using it as a deep cleansing shampoo



This is a great alternative to using the Tresemme natural conditioner (my holy grail), a silicone free conditioner is your friend when you are a curly girl

It definitely made my hair soft and manageable, often it tangles quickly because of it needing moisture, I like that it does not need leave behind a white residue when it dries. for longer hair like mine you will need to use a large amount to completely cover your hair. This is good as a leave in treatment conditioner but I would suggest using it in conjunction with a setting product for styling purposes if you are a curly girl

Available at the following stores : R79,99

Pick n Pay

Watch my Video review here 


Before Tresemme – Day 4 Hair
After Tresemme Shampoo & Conditioner


2 thoughts on “Tresemme Botanique | Hair Products for natural hair | Review

  1. Hi. Great post. I recently purchased these two babies and after usage, my hair experienced less breakage, was soft, manageable & smelt like coconuts. Tresemmé Botanique range really is worth investing in. I love it – now, hopefully my hair will be something to write home about! Lol, excuse the excitement. 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing this informative post. Tresemme is one of the best products for natural hair but there are a number of people who do not suit this type of product. If you are one among them, it’s a better use natural product for your hair. Thanks!


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